A Couple’s Unforgettable Trip to Barcelona

Lena and Francisco  came to Barcelona to see and feel the magic of this beautiful Mediterranean city. Pinpic photographer, Jordi, captured their love during an unforgettable tour of the local-side of Barcelona’s famous sites.


Barcelona Vacation Photographer


Lena and Francisco are a sporty, life-affirming couple from Hamburg. The couple live an active lifestyle with Lena working an personal trainer and entrepreneur and Francisco as a consultant with a multinational company. They spend their free time pursuing their passion for sports and food, always ready to explore new experiences in the culinary world. “Traveling is for us the best way to get our mind free and escape from routine. That’s why we love to go on short city trips on long weekends“, shares Lena.


“This was the best way to get our pictures taken in Barcelona. They are amazing quality and we could simply enjoy the day and not  care about anything. The best part is that we are always together in the pictures!” – Lena


Barcelona Vacation Photographer Barcelona Vacation Photographer Barcelona Engagement Photographer


Barcelona is Europe’s top city-break destinations. Couples who come to the city-break find a lot of things to do and see in a a charming and romantic setting. The rambling streets, gorgeous plazas and world-famous cuisine make it a perfect setting if you’re in the mood for love. Whether taking somebody on a fist date-to-remember or on a silver wedding anniversary, there is something here to suit your needs.



“Our photo shoot was an amazing experience. We had a local on our side who showed us very special places. Places we wouldn’t have found ourselves. Plus he took amazing pictures and we felt very relaxed.” – Lena & Francisco


Barcelona Tourist Photographer Barcelona Holiday Photographer


“We definitely would book a vacation photographer again. There is no easier way to have an amazing day, enjoying the city and getting high quality memories of that day.” – Lena & Francisco


Barcelona Holiday Photographer


“Jordi is a person with a huge heart and a lot passion for what he is doing! He guided us through Barcelona with his charm and respected our privacy the entire time. We enjoyed the day as a couple and also with a new friend from Barcelona.” – Lena & Francisco



Barcelona PhotographerJordi is a Pinpic photographer based in Barcelona. He loves people, chocolate, music and nature. Above all, sharing happiness and good times with everybody. Call it whatever you want, a vacation, city-break, escapade, or just a walk around Barcelona, give Jordi the opportunity to capture those precious memories while you enjoy your special experience.

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Written by Miryam Essa

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