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Cancun is one of the best destinations for a family vacation. From ancient Mayan ruins to white sandy beaches of the Caribbean, this corner of Mexico has something for everyone to enjoy in the family.


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Most people would agree that some of their fondest memories from trips with their family. That’s because holidays allow us to let go of our daily routines and spend uninterrupted time with our loved ones.  It’s important to record these memories in photographs, especially if you have children, so that you can reconnect with those feelings in the future and even passed them down as heirlooms to the next generation. Naturally, you want those photos to be professional quality.

Pinpic photographer, Cristian Calderon, has been working with families for years creating perfect memories. Given his experience, we asked Cristian to put together some tips to help families plan the perfect photo shoot in Cancun.



What are best places in Cancun to take photos?

Cancun is the home to some of the most beautiful beaches that can be easily accessed by everyone. If your hotel is located next to a beach, that might just be the best place to start. There many beautiful beaches that you can explore with your photographer in and around Cancun to find the best backdrop for your Mexican adventure.



Is it better to book the shoot at the beginning or the end of the trip?

Book your photo shoot as early on as possible during your vacation. Everyone will look fresh and excited to be visiting a new place. Secondly, if you want the photographer to provide prints, he will need a couple of days to get your photo book edited and printed. It’s best not to rush. Also, depending on the time of year you’re visiting, weather can be tricky. In case it turns out to be a rainy day, we can always reschedule if you have spare days.


What part of the day is best for a photo shoot?

Sunrise and sunset always offer the best lighting conditions for photography. Plus it’s not too hot. So, the best hours are in the morning before 10 AM or after 4PM in the afternoon. These times give us just enough sunlight to capture the brilliant blue colours of the Caribbean Sea in the background.


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How much time should you plan for the shoot?

It is best to schedule a bit more than the time book for your photo shoot so that you and the photographer have the opportunity to get to know each other. Having at least 10 minutes with the photographer before the shoot can help break the ice and set a positive mood. If you’re planning one outfit, 60 minutes may be just enough for a simple, yet beautiful, holiday photo shoot.  If you want to bring multiple outfits, we recommend booking at least a 90 minute shoot. Of coarse, you can also book the entire day or weekend if you’d like the photographer to accompany you to different sites – such as Isla Mujeres, Tulum, or the famous Mayan city of Chichen Itza.


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How should you dress for a photo shoot in Cancun?

Cancun is a sunny holiday destination. It’s best to wear light, solid colours during the photo shoot to create a delightful contrast with the natural environment. If you’re considering a beach setting for the photo shoot, you can wear your swimming suit below a casual outfit. It can get windy at the sea, so bring something to hold your hair – a hat, sunglasses, or other accessories. Other than that, dress how you feel comfortable.

Oh, and one more pro-trip – if you’re planning a photo shoot with small children, it’s always a good idea to bring along their favourite toy!


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How to get the kids excited?

Parents often promise their children, “a special surprise”, to get them to come out for the photo shoot. Unfortunately, this only results in fake smiles and posed photos as the child is really in it just for the thing that is to come afterwards. Here’s what we suggest – speak with your children and try to get them involved in planning. Show them pictures from other photo shoots that you found on the internet and ask if they would like your family to have beautiful photos like that from your trip to Cancun. Only after that, you can offer that you will all celebrate with an ice cream afterwards!


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What to expect during the photo shoot?

We’ll start with a brief discussion to set expectations. In case there’s a special photograph or angle that you want, it would be great to know about it before we get started. There’s one more thing that you must come prepared for – to have lot’s of fun! Most of the photos will be un-posed so that your natural expressions and feelings can shine through.


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When is the best time in the year to visit Cancun?

You might think of Summer time as the obvious answer. You’re right about that. However, it can be rainy during the season. If you have a hard time with heat and humidity then the best time to visit Cancun is from December to May. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It’s perfect!


Cancun Local PhotographerCristian Calderon is a professional photographer based in Cancun, Mexico. He grew up with armed with a film camera and a passion for photography. He obtained training as a photographer in Toronto, Canada but chose to return to Mexico and settle in Yucatan peninsula to continue to capturing real moments in peoples lives.

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Written by Urooj Qureshi

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